On finding focus

I was worried, when I began this month long experiment in daily blogging, that I would stray away from travel writing. Not that that’s a bad thing in itself, of course not. But this is a travel blog, after all. As I was reminded this week, a blog must have a purpose. Or a focus, at least.

I don’t think that these daily posts have strayed too far from the stated purpose of the blog, which is sustainable round the world travel. If they have, it’s been mostly to talk about blogging itself, which I think is permissible, in small enough doses. I had been thinking lately that my writing on here had got too meta, and I was mostly not writing about travel. Partly because at least half of my posts ended up being monthly updates. The only posts with an external deadline attached, funnily enough.

Now that I’ve spent nearly a month churning out posts every day, I think that I’m OK with writing about other things a little bit. The problem was that I wasn’t writing enough about travel, and more specifically about travelling sustainably.

And rather than losing my focus, during this month, I think that daily posting has strengthened it. Yes I’ve experimented a little, played around. But I’ve learnt from this that what really compels me is writing about seeing the world in as green a way as possible. This shouldn’t be news, of course. But it was to me.

I also now know that deadlines are wonderful and terrible things.

If I’m going to keep my writing flowing, I think a few more deadlines on my posting might help. (Just not every bloody day, I need some sleep.) I’ll keep thinking about this, but I’m considering holding myself to a bi-weekly posting schedule from here on in. It should feel manageable, after surviving a month of posting every day.

Not quite yet surviving, of course.

Two more days to go!

2 thoughts on “On finding focus

  1. You obviously have a passion for writing and environmentally sustainable travel and living. I have enjoyed your daily postings and learned a lot from your perspectives. Now, go get some sleep!

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