Month in Review: November 2017

Phew. I made it to the end of my month long blogging-every-day experiment. Tomorrow I can do laundry! Here’s what else happened in November.


Very exciting life news this month. Today I received my passport back from immigration, complete with a shiny new work visa, valid until April 2020. So we can stay in New Zealand, for reals. What a relief!

Other than visa fun and games, November was mostly blogging… 

But we also managed to have a whole day off, just the two of us, just staying in Christchurch this month. I can’t remember when this last happened. So we celebrated with a champagne brunch at Under the Red Verandah, which isn’t too far from where we live, and we’ve been meaning to try for a while. It’s a lovely setting, and the food was nice, though not knock-your-socks-off nice. Can’t really argue with $11 glasses of champagne though. And they have a bike rack :).

After brunch we spent the afternoon at Ferrymead Heritage Park, which I wrote about in yesterday’s post.

I also finally got round to doing the hike from Taylors Mistake to Godley Head and back this month, with a friend, on a very clammy Friday afternoon. It’s a really scenic little walk. It took us about two hours to do the whole thing, and you’ve got great sea and cliff views the whole time. Taylors Mistake beach is only about 20 minutes drive from Christchurch, and it’s probably the nicest local beach to head to in the summer. (Read more about the hike here.)


This month’s trip was a sneaky overnight in Arthur’s Pass (that sounds really weird, doesn’t it?) followed by a day hike up Avalanche Peak (which barely has any snow on it by this time of the year). We were planning to camp at a DOC site, but about an hour out of Christchurch we realised we hadn’t actually packed the tent. Woops. Fortunately there’s a DOC hut in Arthur’s Pass that’s only a couple of hundred metres from a roadend, so we spent the night there instead.

We had a burger supper on our camp stove, then enjoyed the stars for a while before turning in. The next morning there was glorious sunshine, so we had a lazy coffee and porridge breakfast outside the hut, and set off mid morning to climb Avalanche Peak.

It was pretty hot going, climbing up Avalanche Peak track in the midday sun, but we made it to the top in less than three hours, including a lunch break. We thought we were doing pretty well for time, but we hadn’t counted on finding a pack of kea hanging out on the summit. It was too much fun sitting on the roof of the world, hanging out with the kea. So we had a second peanut butter sandwich lunch up there, and took a fair few photos. (See more in my kea post.)

As ever, the descent felt much more tiring than the ascent to me. My knees don’t really like steep downhill walking. Coming down Scott’s track we were overtaken by a couple with a toddler in a backpack. But going a bit slower gave us plenty of time to enjoy the scenery.


Favourite book: Fight Like a Girl, Clementine Ford

Technically this is the only book I finished in November (I don’t know if I mentioned I was kind of busy). But I’ve nearly finished two others, and this ranks as my favourite counting those too.  I suppose I think of myself as a pretty staunch feminist, and as somebody who thinks a lot about this stuff. But there are some things in here that opened my mind a bit further, mostly around patterns of thought and behaviour that are so ingrained I’d barely even noticed them. Also it’s very funny, which is important.

Some things I found on the internet:

All Mighty Stone — bouldering photos with the climber photoshopped out = a new religion (all hail the mighty stone).

Learning to Speak Lingerie — fascinating and absorbing look into the world of Chinese lingerie shop owners in conservative Northern Egypt.

China sets up Social Credit system — this is utterly terrifying. In China, credit ratings are extending into what you buy, not just how you pay for it. And people are sharing this information on their dating profiles. If this isn’t the dystopian future, I don’t know what is.

Blog I started reading: my jumbo kimono

Rosanna and Mischa are travelling around the world without flying, they should be on a cargo ship from Asia to the US about now!


And the tramp of the month wins again. Well not really a tramp, just a day walk. But Avalanche Peak is a pretty intense day walk.

Living the dream. #peanutbuttersandwich #mountrolleston #sunnysunday

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Phew. Made it.

I’m planning on trying a bi-weekly posting schedule in December. Look forward to a post every Tuesday and Thursday. Maybe!

Coming up in December

I’m turning thirty on Monday, and on Saturday we’ll have been in New Zealand a year. So, along with my new visa, lots to celebrate this weekend!

After that I have my mum and dad coming to visit, first in Christchurch, and then we’ll all be heading up to the Marlborough sounds for Christmas in a rental bach. So December will be a much needed rest after a silly hectic November.

Thanks for coming along on the daily blogging ride with me, here’s to the slightly less blogging-intense future!

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