Changing track

My intention to write more about our cargo ship journey today was derailed by tram tracks.

Christchurch is a cyclist’s dream city in lots of ways. It’s almost entirely flat, has a big park to ride through in the city centre, and is getting more and more dedicated cycleways. The only feature that’s a bit of a nightmare is the tram tracks that loop through the centre of town. It’s surprisingly easy to drop your bike wheel into the tracks if you cross them at an insufficiently perpendicular angle. Going over the handlebars ensues. I’ve had a couple of minor collisions with them in the past, mercifully both at low speed.

But on his way home from work this evening Arthur had a slightly nastier altercation with them. So we spent the evening in our local 24 hour medical centre.

He’s got a broken wrist, and will have three or four weeks in plaster. Woops.

I guess we can chalk it up to experience. Move somewhere new, learn new skills.

Like staying on the right side of the tracks.

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