Tomorrow’s the day!

Exciting news! We are boarding our cargo ship first thing tomorrow morning, so we’re off to Australia! Aaaaaaah!

I’m writing sat out on the terrace at our hostel for tonight, the YHA Jockey Club Mount Davis, which has a spectacular view of the harbour, outlying islands, and the Hong Kong skyline. We’re having one of those moments that travel is all about. Everything seems well with the world, we have a spectacular view, each other, and impending adventure. And beer. Continue reading “Tomorrow’s the day!”

August Update: we’re catching a cargo ship!

Keeping the blog up to date with our actual progress round the world has turned out to be nigh on impossible while we’re on the road. ┬áSo in lieu of suddenly finding thirty extra hours in the week, I hereby inaugurate the saltwithyourcoffee monthly update.

Drumroll please.

We’ve spent most of August travelling slowly in Malaysia, as we tried to sort out our next big adventure: getting to Australia by boat. Continue reading “August Update: we’re catching a cargo ship!”